Dementia is on the rise in the UK and it can be very difficult to manage for both the person living with dementia and the family members. West Park Care is committed to providing one to one dementia care in the home with highly trained Care Experts. At West Park Care we employ all of our care team full time and can therefore offer continuity of care, which is important for our clients. It is crucial that a small team of carers is used to build relationships and make each individual feel as comfortable as possible in their own home.

West Park Care Care Experts are trained in-house to make sure that they can not only care for someone suffering with dementia but also spot the key early symptoms. Care packages are tailored for each individual client and their specific needs with regular monitoring in places to quickly make any changes required

Care Experts are trained to:
  • Manage any changing behaviour or added symptoms
  • Create a positive environment to promote social interaction
  • Stimulate the mind with activities
  • Maintain a safe and relaxed environment
  • Provide nutritious meals and hydration
  • Build a relationship and engage in conversation
  • Aid with family interaction

The best place for someone suffering from memory loss or confusion is in familiar and safe surroundings with a trusted care team. West Park Care dementia services offers our clients a solution to maintain an excellent quality of life.


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