Discussing Home Care

Having to arrange care and the thought of having strangers come into your house can be very daunting for both the person in need of care and the family and loved ones. It is often the case that people don’t want to ask for help or feel embarrassed that they may need some care. People need all different types of care from something as simple as companionship and some help around the house to personal care and in some cases dementia care.

The beauty of home care is that packages can be tailored for as little or as much support as is needed and all of this can be done in the comfort of the persons house.

It is important to make sure that the care package is tailored to each individual and for this reason West Park Care will always do a full assessment before any care commences. This allows both parties to be comfortable with each other and take away the unknown factor before the care begins. It also allows our manager to understand the individual’s personality and then match the most suitable care experts to deliver the care. If you would like any further information on the assessment process, please contact us.

The initial discussion about the need for care can occur for a variety of reasons such as loneliness, frailty, a fall or sudden illness. When the discussions begin it is important to understand with your loved one what is causing the most worry and how a care package could help maintain the quality persons quality of life. Unfortunately, many people only have these discussions when it reaches the point that care is desperately required, and a decision has to be made to either get home care or go into a care home. The beauty of home care is people can start with as little as an hour a day and then increase the care level as required so it is recommended to have discussions about care as soon as possible and use home care initially as a preventative measure. West Park Care uses an advanced software package that allows carers to put notes on daily about each client that can then be reviewed to see if there is need for more care and act on any issues as quickly as possible.

The best thing to do if you are considering care for yourself or a loved one is to give West Park Care a call for free no obligation advice.

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