The following services are all available designed specifically around your needs and delivered in the comfort of your own home by highly trained Care Experts

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    Frequently asked questions

    Does having home care result in a loss of independence?

    No. Our belief is that independence is being in control of your decisions. Having in home care services means being in control of your activities and retaining as much independence as each situation allows. Many of our clients just need a little help to continue living a safe and productive life while some might be recovering from a fall or surgery, or other condition. Regardless of your situation, our goal is to enable you the best possible outcome while being in control of your care and daily decisions.

    How can I trust a Care Expert in my home?

    Just like nurses and doctors, Professional Caregivers have chosen a career in compassionate care of those in need. We implement a comprehensive background check and screening for compassion, identity, integrity, and competence. We never employ caregivers that we would not be comfortable having in our own home and due to our consistency of service each client can build a relationship with their regular care expert. We guarantee consistency of service, so our clients see the same caregivers on a regular basis. 

    How does WPC attract the best Care Experts?

    Our golden rule states ‘we will not refer a caregiver to your home that we would not welcome into our own home.’ Similar to any working professional, caregivers are attracted to organisations that have trust, compassion, stability, and hope. We encourage you to meet one of our local directors or referral specialists as they will treat you with as much compassion and dignity as the care expert we provide.

    Are your staff fully qualified and trained?

    We only employ experienced and qualified carers, who have numerous references and have been checked against the Disclosure Barring System (DBS). We then put every staff member through our own training specific to becoming an expert in home care.

    How are standards of care upheld?

    We regularly monitor our care experts to guarantee only the highest level of care is being delivered. This also involves regularly reviewing and modifying each client’s care plan to make sure it remains up to date and relevant to each individual. We also provide family members with weekly updates on each client using our advance care software system.

    How do I arrange Care?

    Either call us directly on xxxxxxxxxx to talk to one of our care experts or request a call back through our website and we will contact you at your convenience.

    Can I have care on evenings and weekends?

    Yes we provide care 365 days a year including evenings and weekends. We can offer care at any time to suit you and always aim to work around our clients schedule preferences. Please contact us to find out more about our extensive care options.

    Will I see the same carer on a daily basis?

    At West Park Care we employ all of our staff full time and therefore guarantee consistency of service meaning you will not be sent different care staff all of the time. We dedicate a very small team of staff to see each of our clients so that relationships can be built.

    Are your carers pet friendly?

    Yes all of our carers will be happy to help manage the need of your pet.

    How can I pay?

    WPC will invoice you on a monthly basis and you can pay this via online banking.