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Care Funding Options

The cost of care is a subject that is regularly discussed and often misunderstood making it hard to understand the best options.

At West Park Care we believe we add a lot of value into our care packages with full time and fully trained care staff, a comprehensive software system to monitor the quality of the care and bespoke care packages tailored to each client.

Home Care allows someone to remain in their own home and not have to go into a care home and depending on the package can be significantly cheaper. With well trained care staff home care is a very viable alternative to a care home and also means the care you receive is one on one and in your own setting, which is very appealing to people.

You may be entitled to certain care funding options, but the Local Authority will only help you pay for your care if following a means test you are deemed not to have sufficient funds and assets to cover the cost of the care yourself.

We have broken down the different options available below but if you do require any further information please contact us directly on 01423 876339.

Attendance Allowance

Unlike other state benefits Attendance allowance is not means tested and is simply a state benefit that is paid tax-free to all 65+ individuals who need care for a period of longer than 6 months either in their own home or in a care home.

Attendance allowance is available at a lower rate and a higher rate, with the lower rate being for people who either need help during the day or night and the higher for people that need care during the day and the night. Currently the lower rate is £54.45 per week and the higher rate is £81.30 per week and you can claim this benefit by downloading and completing a form from www.direct.gov.uk or getting a form from a post office. If you are under 65 and in need of care than you can claim Personal Independence Payment (formally knows as Disability Living Allowance). Further information on PIP can be found here https://www.gov.uk/pip

Respite Care

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS continuing healthcare funded and arranged by the NHS and is a free care package for anyone that has ongoing healthcare needs. NHS continuing healthcare can be received within your own home or in a care home and you will need to have an assessment done by healthcare professionals to determine what it is that you need. The NHS will cover the cost of the support you need in your own home and also cover care home fees to make sure that you are receiving personal care help such as help with getting dressed and washing. NHS-funded nursing care is paid at the same rate across England-currently £109.79 a week.

If you would like further information on NHS Continuing Healthcare please visit https://www.england.nhs.uk/healthcare/

Council Tax Support

It is worth looking to see if you are eligible for council tax support as a range of factors can determine how much council tax you pay. We would recommend talking to your local council to understand if you can receive any support with your council tax.

You may be able to get your council Tax paid in full as part of your Pension Credit. For more information on this please visit https://www.gov.uk/pension-credit

Local Authority Funding

The Local Authority will use a financial assessment to understand your means but as it stands will only pay for your care needs if you are deemed to have insufficient funds to pay for the care costs yourself. The financial assessment looks at your income such as benefits and pension and also your capital such as savings, property and investments. If you are deemed to have sufficient funds, then you will be classed as a self-funder and will be expected to fund care fess yourself.

As it stands the Local Authority will pay for the full cost of care if your capital is less than £14,250 and will contribute to care costs if the capital is between £14,250 and £23,250 but if your capital is more than the £23,250 threshold then you will be deemed a self-funder and the local Authority will not contribute to your care costs.

If you qualify for local authority funding, you will still only receive the published amount available for care. If you would like to receive care from a specific care provider that is more expensive than the local authority is willing to pay then you can chose to pay additional sums to ‘top up’ this amount. These top up payments are often from family members and therefore called ‘third party top ups’ and are becoming increasingly common as people want to choose their own care options.

For further information on Local Authority Funding please use this guide from Symponia http://www.symponia.co.uk/sites/clubsymponia/files/library/CS_LAF_Care-at-home.pdf

Source Used: Symponia (symponia.co.uk)

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