West Park Care Do’s and Don’ts

Here’s what we do to give excellent service ………

We agree a price for packages so there are no sneaky added extras. We are upfront about cost as we don’t want the price of care to be a barrier for quality and consistency.
We pride ourselves on giving a minimum of 1 hour of care per visit which gives clients quality time with staff. Clients should never be rushed to eat, dress or do what’s required.
We don’t just visit clients in their homes, we give them a daily phone call to make sure they are ok, which gives reassurance to the client and the family.
We are dementia experts and have the skills, training and experience in this area.
We use a software for carers to check care plans and daily tasks. The software allows updates of care needs to be done instantly so we can be responsive and deal with issues quickly.
Our staff receive extensive training on induction and receive regular training and skills updates.

Here’s what we don’t do ………

We don’t offer zero-hour contracts to carers as this results in inconsistency of carers for our clients. We fully invest in all of our care team.
We don’t allow staff to support clients until they have had a full induction, Care certificate training and a full enhanced DBS check.
We don’t cut corners by cutting visits down or missing care tasks.
We don’t say no or turn down care unless we have done an extensive assessment and feel we can’t meet the required needs.
We don’t review clients support plans on a yearly basis, we ensure daily that care is being met, and make changes that will be beneficial to the client.
We do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to care and make sure every care package is individual to each client and their needs.

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