Review from Andy P (Son of Client) published on 16 March 2021

The team was brilliant with my father-in-law, who used to call the girls his Angels. They were always polite and attentive whenever I met them and my father-in-law always had nothing but good things to say about them. He was sceptical about the approach of having carers at home, having twice previously cancelled the service, when in fact, it was really needed. Once we introduced him to West Park, with only a select few carers visiting him, he never looked back and welcomed their company and wouldn’t miss a visit, which was a direct contrast to his previous experiences. As a family, the service provides peace of mind that my father-in-law is been looked after. We can get updates any time of day, any health concerns are picked up straight away and dealt with via doctors, organised medicine from chemists etc. Everything is taken care of and most importantly, my father-in-law is where he wants to be and is very, very happy.

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